A roundup of smell tech at CES2021. On-the-go and customizable scent, smell for health and pregnancy, and eco-friendly enzyme powered air filtering systems. Take a look.


NINU Slovenia: Ninu

On-the-go smart perfume, consisting of a dispenser bottle housing three fragrance cartridges and an app that allows users to create their own perfume blend on demand. The Ninu is capable of dispensing scent in an almost endless number of ratios, enabling a custom perfume to be created and worn depending on current moods and needs. …

A roundup of smell tech at CES2020. New technologies are enabling novel scent experiences, allowing us to identify odors and filter our air. Take a look!


Artiris Parfum, Paris: Compoz

A real-time high-quality scent mixer and player. A small box with a fan attached to it can hold up to five single-ingredient oils. The scent output and intensity can be controlled through an app and experienced in real-time. One the desired scent is created; a timer can be set to continuously diffuse this specific creation. The oils are natural and single-origin, i.e. Rose oil from Bulgaria.

Moodify, Tel…

Can smell technologies help shine a light on the onset of specific diseases? Of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States, 6 can be detected through smell.

Imagine waking up in an age when scent and odor detection technology infiltrate all aspects of our lives…

… still half asleep in my pitch dark bedroom (I love blackout curtains!), I catch a faint whiff of the comforting plummy, slightly apply and exotic Pink Goiaba & Vanilla scent. It’s still quite faint, meaning it’s not time to get up yet and because of this particular smell I know it’s sunny out. The other scent would be Mandarin & Basil if there were rain in the forecast. That one I bought off the shelf to get me energized on a…

Recently, in conversation with Bernardo Fleming, Head of the Olfactive Design Studio at International Flavors & Fragrances, he gave an insightful analogy to this current moment in time when the rising interest for smell is spanning industries and disciplines; he coined this “the renaissance of smell”. Renaissance. Great word. I can also see how many artists, academics, startups, organizations and special interest groups are increasingly working with this elusive sense — far more than ten years ago when I first found myself in this space.

This recent surge of interest makes me wonder what has taken us so long to…

Olivia Jezler

Our sense of smell, scent, tech and humanness. Find me on Instagram @futureofsmell.

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